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ACLI present themselves, legally, as a "social promotion association": a widespread and organized system on the territory that promotes the culture of work and workers, educates and encourages active citizenship.

ACLI supports citizens, in particular those that are in conditions of marginalization or at risk of social exclusion.

As authoritative of organized civil society, ACLI are protagonists in the world of so-called "third sector": the voluntary, non-profit, social enterprise.

ACLI is a complex system of economic activities and volunteer activities that have been and are
an effective and vital factor of cohesion and social development in our communities. Education is the best way to understand the present and prepare the future, while services are the integrated response to the needs and people´s citizenship rights.

ACLI are organized like a pyramid, from national headquarters to the basic facilities (clubs), real garrisons in the territory. ACLI Florence is the provincial level acts on the territory of the province of Florence, by networking with organizations and other associations thanks to the work of many volunteers.

In the province of Florence and ACLI are about 3,000 members in 20 clubs.

ACLI Florence work to support workers and pensioners, marginality’s risk people, foreign workers and immigrants.

We pursue our goals through projects and services.


The Family Point project, through close cooperation with other associations and with social services of the Florence’s municipality , it is aimed at social exclusion risk people by offering:

- Guidance paths for job hunting

- Psychological support

- Legal support

- Tax advice

- Family mediation.


The Family Point project offers a new support service in the job search. The service is open to adults who want to reintegrate in the job world.


- Interview;
- Curriculum Vitae;
- Job Search Online.


Wednesday 9-13
(only by appointment).


The project is addressed to low-skilled adults. These group of adults can be considered as not currently well served in many areas of life just because in order to fully participate in today’s world it is necessary to be able to use and understand information that is provided via Internet.

Lack of sufficient digital skills seriously limits the possibilities in general and opportunities to learn in particular.

Therefore the project addresses the lowskilled people and gives them the tool (together with clear instructions how to use it) that will help them to find other tools and learn about and through them.​


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