18 Giugno 2021


The migrants door trying to organize responses to the needs of many people and

families who have left their homeland to seek a better future in our country:

- Legal support on immigration

- Support in filling out forms

- language courses

- CILS examinations to obtain a residence card

We organize training courses for volunteers engaged in activities on the territory,

promoting active citizenship paths.

The project "to deal with the crisis" aims to provide tools for the family budget

through insights:

• Management of income, expenses and savings

• ethical and responsible consumption (gain awareness during purchase of

goods and services)

• Asset management and investment: knowledge of services and opportunities

offered by specific institutions (banks, insurance companies etc.) with reference

to indebtedness of households.

ACLI organized for older members computer literacy courses, to enable elderly

to use the PC, smartphone and social networks.

The Punto Insieme/Punto famiglia project, through close cooperation with other associations

and with social services of the Florence’s municipality , it is aimed at social

exclusion risk people by offering:

- Guidance paths for job hunting

- Psychological support

- Legal support

- Tax advice

- Family mediation

To the Punto Famiglia operate, in addition to the experienced staff, volunteers of

the National Civil Service , working on projects related to family policies.

Objectives of our project are:

- to connect marginality risk people with public and private services in the area

(identifying bodies or services that can best provide them with an effective


- to inform them in particular on social public services and social and health

promoted on the territory of local authorities, local health authorities and other

bodies and associations working in the social sphere;

- to provide guidance on the most common family problems (work, home, legal,

economic, welfare, health, etc.) and make available to the specifics of the social

security and tax assistance, consumer protection, home care guidance, support

to poor families .

Since September 2013, Punto Famiglia has joined the Network San Frediano for

San Frediano. The network involves associations that, in Florence, perform

services for people in marginal situations. The aim is to put the network expertise

and good practice, in order to improve the strength and the effectiveness of the

action on the territory.

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